Custom branded fridge

Purchase today your own branded fridge 60L 

If you purchased some custom labeled water bottles or branded energy drinks but your exhibition its during summer time ?

We just got item for you Custom Branded fridge 60L - fits 40 bottles of water or 78 energy drinks

Small fridge branded with your company name Great looking product and can be placed any weare and used for other events 

Great for branded drinks you can hand-out during exhibition and event.

Fridge is small size and can fit into standard car booth what is very good and make life easier if you use own car for transport.

I have checked and Branded fridge can fit 78 cans of energy drink or 40 bottles of branded water.

Please note that Fridge can be used several times for only £ 399.00.00 all inclusive

(production setup fee, delivery and VAT)

Fridge its a purchase not rental, what become great volume for money.